Community Giveaway! 26
Community Giveaway!
We're excited to announce a giveaway to thank our community for their participation and to welcome new members! For the next two weeks, if you register to join the #LEGOEduCommunity or opt to enter below if already a member, you'll be automatically entered to win a LEGO Education product of your choice from Please see the full set of rules here (unfortunately at this time, this giveaway is only open to our US-based members, but we are working towards exciting opportunities for all of our community members, stay tuned for more information!). If you have any questions or difficulty registering for the community, please either comment below or email

If you were able to pick any LEGO Education product, what would you select?! We'd love to hear below!
Blog #LEGOeduCommunity News 09/07/2020

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My son would love to win a Spike Prime kit!!  We homeschool and joined a lego robotics group this year!  He is loving it so far!!! 
I would love to get a Spike Prime kit! 
I would love have the opportunity to win the LEGO #SPIKE Prime  for my students at our #Primary #Early Learning school @efwmaschool 
to continue learning #Inspiration #coding #Robotics #Engineering #Inspiration #confidence #Virtual learning #Resources #CSForAll #equity #equally #LEGOedu #LEGOEduCommunity
 - Thank you for this #awesome #fantastic opportunity with #gratitude Javier Aguilar‍ 
As a "stembrarian," I would love to win a Spike kit to offer more chances for all the kids to explore!
As a pre-k teacher, the LEGO education product I would love to win is the Build Me “Emotions” set. With everything going on during this Covid Pandemic, students, as well as teachers, will have to have discussions about emotions. Pre-Covid, social and emotional development was already an important topic in early childhood classrooms, and it is even more important now.

The Build Me “Emotions” set offers teachers a fun, relatable, and non-threatening way to have difficult conversations with young learners.

As a Teacher Leader, I can also imagine using the  Build Me “Emotions” set to facilitate trauma-informed play strategies to my team of teachers.
As an upper elementary teacher, I would love to win a Spike Prime kit or Simple Machinery set to challenge our advanced students. These would make for great after school programs as well! 
Awesome !! :)
If I could pick any LEGO Education product, I'd pick the Spike Prime kit. I haven't had the chance to explore that kit yet. :)
I would love to win a Spike Prime kit.  I’ve only had one chance to work with Spike in a workshop and would love more hands-on opportunities.
I would love to win any key chain from LEGO or a Spike Prime kit! 
Would love to step things up a
notch by winning a Spike Prime!