The Brick Bulletin: First Edition 75

The Brick Bulletin: First Edition


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Welcome to the first edition of The Brick Bulletin! We are excited to bring you this recap of everything happening in the Community, in an easily digestible format. This newsletter is for the Community, by the Community so if there's any content or topic you'd like to receive, please comment below!

Featured Community Member
Meet Jameelah R. Wright!
LEGO® Education Master Educator Jameelah R. Wright is an early education teacher with over 16 years of experience. Get to know more about her, along with a few words of advice for teachers working their way through hybrid learning implementations!

In Other News...
LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 launched in 2013 and has enjoyed a long and incredibly successful journey. The product has now reached its natural end of life and will be listed as “retiring soon” on the LEGO® Education website. We published a blog with a list of FAQs to help answer any questions you might have.

Discuss How is your school handling an instructional gap?
One of our community members is wondering how other schools are addressing the instructional gap resulting from school shutdowns due to COVID. Join the discussion and share your observations!

Inspiration Seeking Input On What You Would Design/Teach
Have tips or lessons or learnings from building lessons and activities for homeschool students? Our Master Educator Aaron Maurer is looking for feedback from the Community. Click above to share and join the discussion.

Watch BrickQ Unboxing
In January, we announced the launch of LEGO® Education's latest solution, BricQ Motion! Students experiment with forces, motion, and interactions in the playful context of sports, such as skiing, gymnastics, derby car racing, and more. The action-packed curriculum meets core science standards across grades, fosters creativity, and develops engineering and math skills. Check-out an unboxing video from Master Educator Aaron Maurer!

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To help you navigate our community, we created an area for documentation and questions. Did you know you can customize the frequency in which you receive your notifications and subscriptions? Learn more to get the most out of our LEGO Education Community!
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