Implementing Hybrid Learning Is To Be Open To New Things With Jameelah Wright 82

"Be willing to step all the way out of your comfort zone to do something different."

Creating Opportunities For Students With Caroleann Del Juidice 80

"The greatest benefit to hands-on learning is the ability for students to make real-world connections."

Break The Barriers For Learning With Francisco Cajaraville-Bonilla 84

"When you do things the ”the right way” it is because somebody found one way to do it and told you “this is the best way”. I don´t believe in that."

Learning Through Play With Chris Wilde 49

"Allowing young people to be more hands on allows them to develop their learning at a faster pace and allows them to be more creative in solving problems."  

Bring Access, Equity, And Excellence To All Learners With Eric Greene 46

"The greatest benefit to a hands-on approach to learning is that students get to experience success or failure in real time."

Getting Them Into The Middle Of The Subject Matter With Daniel Cruz 42

"To me, hands-on learning creates ownership, it is a powerful, personal expression of intellect that doesn’t focus much on a final product but on the process of creation."

Building Relationships With Students To Spark In Them A Desire To Learn New Knowledge, Skills And Habits With Jessica Muller 32

"Hands-on learning allows all students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, through multiple channels. It allows there to be “something for everyone” in the learning environment and caters to different types of learners."

Everyone In My Classroom Contributes With Justin Pembroke 31

"I believe that all students are capable creative learners. It is with this creativity that we unlock the unique way in which they learn best."

Providing Authentic Learning Opportunities With Bronwen Bäume-Tarrant 30

"Embrace blended learning while it may feel like you don’t have control, you still do and the learning opportunities for your students are so much richer and deeper."

Every Student Should Have Access And Equal Participation With Javier Aguilar 23

"I believe hands on learning allows students to create, discover and solve any problem that arises."