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Coder Shah
RI5 Pug building instructions
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 4d
Coder Shah
You can make this using the SPIKE Prime set too. Have fun!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 8d
William Lau
Hi, As title suggests. I found an old Lego WeDo 1.0 9580 at home which is perfect for the younger children that I work ...
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Coder Shah
Hi, this is Achbot, based on a very famous puppet made by Jeff Dunham. I hope you like it!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 20d
Akila  Balasubramaniam
We are newbies here and find inconsistencies with the robot. Each time it varies and does something different. ...
Dierdre Shetler
Hi, We are using the Lego Spike Prime robots in our STEM classrooms (for learning, not competition) with ...
Lisa Earl
I requested permission from our IT department to download the EV3 Classroom program to my students' chromebooks. ...
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Jorge Jordan
We do FLL, and have multiple mentors to our groups, but the programs save individually to each mentor's file. This ...
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Kevin Zeller
Does anyone know how to fix or find a replacement for a Lego train headlight part #223K0 . The headlights came with ...
Kevin Zeller Category Retired Products Oct '22
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Alison Tellos
Hi everyone! I am interested in using virtual LEGO bricks to teach mathematics concepts to children. I would also ...
Alison Tellos Category Just For Fun Oct '22
Matthew SternerNeely
Hey folks! Greetings! I am Matthew (most of my students and teachers call me Dr. Mattie). I am at LEGOland this week ...
Henrik Sjodin
Guided Misson i Unit Competition Ready not updated to Superpower Season. We are now some weeks into the season, ...
Henrik Sjodin Category Competitions Sep '22
Lynne Sharber
My first grade class just put up our first LEGO Challenge of the year. The students used a small baseplate and then ...
Lynne Sharber Category Just For Fun Sep '22
Lynne Sharber
A couple of years ago, I started posting school-wide LEGO challenges on the bulletin board outside my classroom as ...
Lynne Sharber Category Just For Fun Sep '22
Wilmer Carlstein
I would need some help with programming, I have connected my steering wheel to an EV3 motor which should be able to ...
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Brigitte LauzonFibich
Does anyone know or have the Build to Launch teacher and student resources in French? My students here in Quebec ...
Erica Millwood
Does anyone have a resource that can be blown up to poster size for the new Spike kits? We are a computer science ...
Erica Millwood Category Just For Fun Aug '22
Giavanni Coleman
Looking for ideas of what people are planning for LEGO World Play Day on August 10, 2022. I have 4 groups of 5th and 6th ...
Giavanni Coleman Category Just For Fun Aug '22
Des Zerafa Cini
Hello, I am currently playing around with coding LEGO Mindstorms EV3 with the new scratch software (EV3 ...
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Matthew Bishop
Hi All, So I am implementing Lego Education into a STEAM Center focused on Informal Education through and am trying ...
Matthew Bishop Category Just For Fun Aug '22
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