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Amanda Fountain
Hello everyone! I am Amanda Fountain and I am the new LEGO Education community manager. I am so excited to support ...
Amanda Fountain Category #Random 4d
Gordon Brune
Are there links to install the spike prime app NOT through the google play store? My students will be installing on ...
Darryl Price
My school received several EV3 kits from a donor and I wanted to download the EV3 Classroom App. We use Chromebooks, ...
Needs Answer
Robert Rodriguez
HI, One of my students shut down their device while the Spike Prime Hub was in the middle of doing a firmware update ...
Needs Answer
Roel van der Linden
I noticed today that the Chromebook app has a new (or other) structure at the first start. The Chromebook doesn't ...
Pablo Torres
Spike Prime distance sensor measurements can be shown in cm, in and %, but what is the meaning of the last? ...
Aaron Maurer
Easily identify #LEGO parts like minifig torsos and more using #Google Lens
Aaron Maurer Category #Random 14d
Aaron Maurer
I am beginning to work on a new project for educators and students. I am drafting out a series of coding and building ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary 24d
Aaron Maurer
I hope this is okay to post and ask. I am working on a new book of robot builds for the SPIKE Prime and have a game I have ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary 25d
Aaron Maurer
Smart Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor - Book Give Away Enter today! ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary Aug '21
Aaron Maurer
Curious how people are handling the new software for EV3 and SPIKE and Robot Inventor for classroom instruction? ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary Aug '21
Terri Smith
I want to modify or create a new lesson for my students like the unit lessons on the classroom application. I could do ...
Terri Smith Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Aug '21
Needs Answer
James Burris
I am new to the EV3. I purchased the EV3 Mindstorm 45544 set for my daughter and I to play and learn with. I downloaded ...
James Burris Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Jul '21
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Gerhard Burle
Hi, how can I delete projects with EV3 Classroom from the EV3 brick? Thanks, Gerhard
Gerhard Burle Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Jul '21
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Ahmad Sahar
Building instructions for Moby Dick, made with the parts of the LEGO Mindstorms 51515 Robot Inventor set.
Ahmad Sahar Category Inspiration Corner Jul '21
Ahmad Sahar
Building instructions for a T-Rex you can build using the 51515 set.
Ahmad Sahar Category Inspiration Corner Jul '21
Ahmad Sahar
RI5 Educator robot made from parts of a single 51515 set. Based on the EV3 Educator robot from set 45544. Building ...
Ahmad Sahar Category Inspiration Corner Jul '21
Bay Builder
When anything in the EV3 Classroom App is too big for its display area, I am unable to scroll through the rest of the ...
Bay Builder Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Jun '21
Needs Answer
Shawna Wright
I want to be able to use a My Block I created in a different project. How do I do this in the new software? I have searched ...
Shawna Wright Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Jun '21
Needs Answer
Aaron Maurer
I am trying to figure out how to use the Yaw reading of the gyro sensor in the Intelligent Hub to control a motor. For ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary Jun '21
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