Ongoing Conversations

Coder Shah
Would love to know your thoughts.
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 8h
Juan Celis
Ok guys I made this sparring bot so you could test yours at home, in my case im fighting 2 lbs bots so I add 2 ankle 1Lb ...
Juan Celis Category Competitions 5d
James Dwyer
There may be others who only have access to Windows and need this, so I'll post it here. Re-installing SPIKE APP v2 ...
Timo Witt
Hey guys, I got this problem: I define a block for ‘Turn Left’ and ‘Turn Right’ by using the gyro. Then i do a program ...
Timo Witt Category Competitions 9d
Coder Shah
Spike PRIME music box building instructions
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 26d
Leonardo de OliveiraVerde
Good morning. Can someone enlighten me... I can control the programming of another WeDo 2.0 Hub with a WeDo 2.0 ...
Needs Answer
Coder Shah
A recreation of the original RIS Inventorbot model using a single Spike PRIME kit. Have fun!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun Feb '23
Suzanne Schedin
Our FLL teams codes were wiped off of the computer and iPad. The codes are still downloaded on the hubs. Is there a way ...
Suzanne Schedin Category Competitions Feb '23
Loreta Petryliene
Hi, can you share some renewable energy ideas with Lego Spike Essencial? Thank you
Loreta Petryliene Category Competitions Jan '23
Erin Hardy
Hello everyone! I am a long time LEGO enthusiast who still uses StoryStarter and BTE in my second grade classroom ...
Erin Hardy Category Just For Fun Jan '23
Tzvi Hametz
Has anyone started to use chatgpt in conjunction with spike prime? My student shave been using and loving it.
Tzvi Hametz Category Just For Fun Jan '23
Jakub Piasecki
Hi! we have just stumbled upon a following issue: when BT is enabled on some android devices, any attempt to connect ...
Jakub Piasecki Category Retired Products Jan '23
Needs Answer
Coder Shah
Hope you like it!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun Jan '23
Coder Shah
Hope you like the video!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun Dec '22
Danilo Tempesta
I'm an Educator from Brazil. I met Lego Boost a short time ago, and in my opinion, I liked working with him in the ...
Needs Answer
Charles Brennan
It looks like the ability to monitor variables no longer exists in the new Spike Prime app update. Is it really gone? ...
Charles Brennan Category Just For Fun Dec '22
Alison Tellos
Hi! I am wondering if anyone here is a researcher and is currently researching the effects of using LEGO in ...
Alison Tellos Category Just For Fun Dec '22
Ashley Clayton
In November my scholars had the chance to summarize what they learned about the Thirteen colonies using Legos! ...
Ashley Clayton Category Just For Fun Dec '22
Coder Shah
RI5 Pug building instructions
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun Nov '22
Coder Shah
You can make this using the SPIKE Prime set too. Have fun!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun Nov '22
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