Ongoing Conversations

Grace Finn
Recently, I took a class in Spike and AI coding at Tufts University. The class was great and allowed me to dive into ...
Grace Finn Category Just For Fun 9d
Emily Trace
Just HAD to share--I downloaded the free Stop Motion Studio app in my classroom and used it with the StoryTales set ...
Emily Trace Category Just For Fun 11d
Liz White
Sharing a data collection resource for students doing Super Cleanup Tests.pdf
Liz White Category Just For Fun 19d
Mäh W.
Hi all, I am new in this community and not 100% sure if you are the right audience… but “why not give it a try” I thought. ...
Mäh W. Category Just For Fun 20d
Andrew Zhuang
Spike has been working on their python bindings for a long time. Even now, it's basically unusable, is the Spike ...
Coder Shah
Star Wars builds for May the 4th! Have fun! SPIKE Prime SPIKER2 building instructions ...
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 22d
Coder Shah
Builds for National Space Day; SPIKE Prime set Surface Transport ...
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 22d
Liz White
What are your thoughts or experiences with Sterilite container storage of the Spike Prime Expansion kits vs other ...
Liz White Category Just For Fun 24d
Nichole Gard
We've never had any LEGO events around here, so I'm excited to check this out with my own kiddos this weekend. I can't ...
Nichole Gard Category Just For Fun 24d
Mert Balin
Dear all, by the help of the AI, I have created a music playlist to cheer up the kids. I thought this might be handy for ...
Mert Balin Category Just For Fun 25d
Coder Shah
Here's a Droideka from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace that you can build using a single Spike Prime set.
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 27d
Mert Balin
One other best part of participating to FLL events is the pieces you get. In our school we have 96 FLL Explore teams, ...
Mert Balin Category Just For Fun 29d
Phil Hoggins
Hi, I'm looking at settig up a 'Maker Day' one of the things I would like to do is build SumoBots and have a ...
Phil Hoggins Category Just For Fun Apr '24
Roel van der Linden
In response to Jillian Johnson’s question: “What is your ALL TIME favorite LEGO build”, I am curious: What is your ...
Lynne Ramsey
Celebrate Earth Day with these “Clean Up Our Oceans” activities for SPIKE Prime, WeDo 2.0, and EV3!
Lynne Ramsey Category Just For Fun Apr '24
Amy Kuntz
I’m just wondering if anyone has ever built slot in shelves for the kits. Trying to think outside the “kit” box on ...
Amy Kuntz Category Just For Fun Apr '24
Gilbert He
Hi everyone, I am looking some lego products for my student to learn and play, do you have any suggestions?
Gilbert He Category Just For Fun Apr '24
Jacob Luevano
Hello everyone! I’m currently seeking creative ideas for incorporating BricQ Essential kits into a ...
Jacob Luevano Category Just For Fun Apr '24
Coder Shah
Money for nothing, bricks for free :D. Hope you like it!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun Mar '24
Ryan Riess
Hi Everyone! I am a middle school Technology and Engineering middle school teacher who uses the LEGO SPIKE Prime ...
Ryan Riess Category Just For Fun Mar '24
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