Ongoing Conversations

Craig Johnson
Hi. I'm a latecomer with EV3, but I have an EV3 and I'm trying to use HiTechnic NXT IRSeeker V2 with it. I found a .ev3b ...
Craig Johnson Category Retired Products Aug '23
Needs Answer
Bruce Nelson
As I started retirement one of the first things (like many teachers when they leave the classroom) I needed to do was ...
Bruce Nelson Category Just For Fun Aug '23
Anneke Brown
We have had a great show displaying our build!
Anneke Brown Category Just For Fun Jul '23
Gordon Brune
Using the web-based app for the first time this quarter with students. In the past, I would have them wipe the ...
Gordon Brune Category Competitions Jun '23
Justin  Pembroke
Here are a few tutorials I have created for FLL, WRO and other challenges requiring use of line following.
Justin Pembroke Category Competitions May '23
Wesley John Smith
Hey, Im always looking for inspiration for new lessons for Lego Spike Essential and Prime Sets. I've got the ...
Wesley John Smith Category Just For Fun May '23
Ss Dd
I recently updated my spike prime to version 1.2.107 and the robot now no more makes any sound and any animation when ...
Ss Dd Category Just For Fun May '23
Juan Celis
I want to subscribe mi kid but he will be alone how many members do you need?
Juan Celis Category Competitions May '23
Kate Rennie
I gave my students 10-15 minutes to build their name with random LEGOS KJHS_LEGO_Challenge_Stand_Up_Name.mp4
Kate Rennie Category Competitions Apr '23
Adam Vincent
The Warren County Public School District in KY hosted a robotics/computer science event called Robot Royale. ...
Adam Vincent Category Competitions Apr '23
Gosse Adema
Lego Technic Hub + 2 motors from the 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck.
Gosse Adema Category Just For Fun Apr '23
Juan Celis
In case someone needs an idea heres mine, it has worked great and saves space, please post your ideas
Juan Celis Category Competitions Apr '23
Brenda Foshee
About halfway in the middle of one of my student team's program runs, the hub just turns off. This is a new ...
Brenda Foshee Category Competitions Apr '23
Arabia Zedan
هل يمكن استخدام للأطفال بعمر ٥ سنوات spike essential
Arabia Zedan Category Just For Fun Apr '23
Coder Shah
Would love to know your thoughts. Yes it's an April Fool's joke, but models are real. Here's Zobo's building ...
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun Apr '23
Juan Celis
Ok guys I made this sparring bot so you could test yours at home, in my case im fighting 2 lbs bots so I add 2 ankle 1Lb ...
Juan Celis Category Competitions Mar '23
James Dwyer
There may be others who only have access to Windows and need this, so I'll post it here. Re-installing SPIKE APP v2 ...
James Dwyer Category Competitions Mar '23
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