Ongoing Conversations

Ahmad Sahar
Building instructions for Moby Dick, made with the parts of the LEGO Mindstorms 51515 Robot Inventor set.
Ahmad Sahar
Building instructions for a T-Rex you can build using the 51515 set.
Ranveer Rajpal
Hello, I am looking for guidance to help start my 10 year old son to develop skills in robotics/coding. He finds Lego ...
Ranveer Rajpal Category #Random 9d
Ahmad Sahar
RI5 Educator robot made from parts of a single 51515 set. Based on the EV3 Educator robot from set 45544. Building ...
Bay Builder
When anything in the EV3 Classroom App is too big for its display area, I am unable to scroll through the rest of the ...
Shawna Wright
I want to be able to use a My Block I created in a different project. How do I do this in the new software? I have searched ...
Shawna Wright Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Jun '21
Needs Answer
Aaron Maurer
I am trying to figure out how to use the Yaw reading of the gyro sensor in the Intelligent Hub to control a motor. For ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary Jun '21
Ahmad Sahar
How to program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 with Scratch using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Retail app
Ahmad Sahar Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Jun '21
Margaret Cobb
Our non-profit is looking to hire an instructor to teach the We.Do 2.0 or Spike Prime classes in the Seattle area. ...
Ahmad Sahar
SPIKE Prime model based on the the wooden truck LEGO produced in the 1930s. Made from a single SPIKE Prime set.
Ahmad Sahar Category Secondary Jun '21
Ahmad Sahar
Building instructions for a LEGO Mindstorms model of a wooden truck produced by LEGO in the 1930s. Can be made from ...
Ahmad Sahar Category Inspiration Corner Jun '21
Kevin Lorch
I have taught with your Mindstorm and EV3 robots for years, but next year we plan to transition from using desktops ...
Kevin Lorch Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Jun '21
Needs Answer
Ahmad Sahar
A Braille display you can build using either the Robot Inventor or SPIKE Prime sets with additional medium motors.
Ahmad Sahar Category Secondary Jun '21
Emily Cook
Teaching coordinate systems with a LEGO polar bear, Rene Descartes and some stop-motion animation! ...
Emily Cook Category Inspiration Corner May '21
Jonathan Jahnke
The Makecode, Getting Started > Use > Detect an Object tutorial seems to use the wrong block. It says..."Set ...
Needs Answer
Ahmad Sahar
Link here: Apologies, ...
Ahmad Sahar Category Inspiration Corner May '21
Mirandah Oliphant
After adding the Lego Education for Classroom App from the Chrome Web Store, my students open the app and are ...
Mirandah Oliphant Category Secondary May '21
Ryan Riess
Hi Everyone! I use the EV3 kits for my 8th-grade intro to robotics class. I have been using the EV3 lab software with ...
Ryan Riess Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 May '21
Maria Frazer
Hello all, I am starting a new program at my school and would like feedback on how many students you can ...
Maria Frazer Category Secondary May '21
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