Ongoing Conversations

Jakub Piasecki
Hi! I've encountered recently a huge obstacle in using SPIKE App during Science experiments. When I try to utilize ...
Ahmad Sahar
R2 from set 9748, EV3D4 from set 31313 and R2 from set 75253. #maythe4thbewithyou
Ahmad Sahar
Hi all, thought I'd share some builds for R2 droids that you can build for Star Wars Day. SPIKE Prime version: ...
Bede Schofield
Is there a way to get the suggested solution code (from the Coding Tips section in the online Lesson Plans) into EV3 ...
Needs Answer
Bede Schofield
Is there a way to get EV3 robots to communicate or send messages to each other using EV3 Classroom? Seems they have ...
Needs Answer
Aaron Maurer
If I have students working in pairs with a robot and they are writing code on each of their devices is there a way to ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary 8d
Aaron Maurer
I have several educators working through the Robot Trainer course to build confidence and to also think about ...
Aaron Maurer Category Secondary 8d
Ahmad Sahar
I modified the LEGO 21303 WALL-E with the hub and motors from the 76112 set. Video here:
Ahmad Sahar
SPIKECyclist building instructions
Bruce Nelson
I am trying out workarounds since my district technology department has decided the Google Play store is taboo. I ...
Bruce Nelson Category Secondary 14d
Rosie Williams
Hello brainstrust! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the hydroturbine in the renewable energies set ...
Needs Answer
Jamie Lawrence
Hi everyone, I run a playful learning based podcast and I'm looking for new guests to chat about their love of LEGO ...
Jamie Lawrence Category #Random 16d
Youngjun YI
SPIKE Cymbals Player.. SPIKE prime Sound ( Cymbal crash ) #FUNERS #junastudio #SPIKE_prime ...
Ravi Abrol
Hi, I have an option to buy 45544 Education core set in either version 121 or version 29. I have not been able to find ...
Needs Answer
Roel van der Linden
Anyone have an idea why the Spike app is not working at Chromebook. According to the specs it should work, what did I ...
Aaron Maurer
Here are the details about a book I wrote for the new LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor kit coming out in May, but you can ...
Needs Answer
Aaron Maurer
So excited to offer and lead educators in a LEGO EV3 Mindstorms course to credit and relicensure. It all begins next ...
Youngjun YI
Guitar player with poppy~ "Look at the hand holding the guitar chord"
Dana Dix
Hello, I have a new (and new to me) EV3 Mindstorm. The brick turned on initially - but no longer will. I took the ...
Dana Dix Category MINDSTORMS® EV3 Mar '21
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