Ongoing Conversations

Mert Balin
Dear friends, At the moment we are having afterschool clubs with LEGO Education sets, and starting from the next ...
Mert Balin Category Primary 13h
David Grover
1 Do others find that code cannot be pasted into Spike app Python using usual keyboard shortcuts, but works using ...
David Grover Category Secondary 8d
Harry Blythe
Hi We are having an issue where Lego spike is creating a 1.1GB reg key file for each user in ...
Needs Answer
Mr Gregory
I'm a first-year robotics teacher who has been learning on the fly. As our final progject of the year, I had the ...
Mr Gregory Category Secondary 13d
Ahmad Sahar
Here are some LEGO Mindstorms Star Wars builds for May 4th. Imperial Walker ...
Will Warren
Hi, For pandemic reasons, I've not done any EV3 work for the past two school years. I've come back to it with my intro ...
Will Warren Category Secondary 20d
Ahmad Sahar
Model of the famous LEGO wooden duck made from a single LEGO Mindstorms 51515 set
simonetta anelli
Is there anyone who use Lego MoreToMath? 🙂
Michelle Warden
My students have been working hard on a few Spike Prime programs but as of today their most important mission is not ...
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Adam Vincent
Earlier in April, our instructional tech department hosted a robot competition along with several coding/STEAM ...
Adam Vincent Category Competitions Apr '22
Travis Brown
Anyone had any luck buying lower-end tablets for students that work with Spike Prime? I'm looking to get four or ...
Travis Brown Category SPIKE™ Prime Apr '22
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Ahmad Sahar
Happy Easter! Here's a bunny you can build using the LEGO Mindstorms 51515 Robot Inventor set.
Ahmad Sahar Category Inspiration Corner Apr '22
Stephanie Crutcher
Just got our new Lego Prime Sets. Curious if it is recommended to do Unit Plans first or Building Instructions? Or ...
Needs Answer
Hello All, Does anyone notice that there is no "AutoComplete" function in Python mode of SPIKE APP 2.0.1, 2.0.5 ...
Julien NGUYEN Category SPIKE™ Prime Apr '22
Needs Answer
Francisco CajaravilleBonilla
Hi. I´m facing a problem with my students. Some of them, change te name of the SPIKE unit so when we have to pair them, ...
Roberto Catanuto
Hi, this EV3 doesn't want to connect to the MacBook either by USB or BT. It refuses connections on BT but it's not ...
Needs Answer
shane reddy
Is the gyro the most accurate way to make a turn? I tried it but it is usually off a bit.
shane reddy Category SPIKE™ Prime Apr '22
Needs Answer
Francisco CajaravilleBonilla
Hi. I´m working with my brand new Lego Spike bricks and I have some suggestions/doubts that they may be already ...
Needs Answer
Henrik Sjodin
I thought the sound issue was resolved in 2.0.5 but unfortunately I have to report that it does not seem resolved. ...
Henrik Sjodin Category SPIKE™ Prime Apr '22
Needs Answer
Nick Monshouwer
Hello, I'm teaching with SPIKE Prime and ‘’the Hopper Race'' lesson is one of my favorite. The only problem is that ...
Nick Monshouwer Category SPIKE™ Prime Mar '22
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