Ongoing Conversations

fla fan
Daftar Sekarang jakarta123 >>>> Di jakarta123 memiliki ...
fla fan Category Just For Fun 6d
Mert Balin
For the snack time, kids created a rotating plates using the LE Coding Express set. :)
Mert Balin Category Just For Fun 10d
Coder Shah
Happy Valentine's Day!
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 10d
Coder Shah
Build a dragon for Lunar New Year using the Spike PRIME set! Instructions here:
Coder Shah Category Just For Fun 12d
Kimberly Csabai
Hello, I can't seem to get the Wedo 2.0 to connect to Scratch link on HP 14G Chromebooks, anyone know what the issue ...
Needs Answer
Luigi Faustini
The title says it all. Is there a way to skip the cute little noises spike makes at the start and stop of the programs? ...
Luigi Faustini
Is there a way in Python to select the next program to run? For example at the end of program 0, I would like the display ...
Kimberly Csabai
Hello, my STEM lab has the Lego Wedo 2.0 kits, they are retired but the students love using these kits. We only have 15 ...
Needs Answer
Olivier Levasseur
I would like to know if there is a way to programmatically interact with the Spike Prime software. For example, is ...
Grace Finn
Anyone have any Spike Prime AI camera recommendations?
Grace Finn Category Just For Fun Jan '24
Valerie Munoz
At the beginning of this month we did new years hopes, not resolutions but hopes for the year and built them with ...
Valerie Munoz Category Just For Fun Jan '24
Kong Leo
Hey everyone, I am helping my child with a project that she is working on. The ideas to trigger the motor (we only have ...
Kong Leo Category Just For Fun Jan '24
Erica Yarger
9 250
Has anyone found a worthy storage solution for the extension kits? I like the size of the SPIKE Prime tub with tray, ...
Erica Yarger Category Just For Fun Jan '24
Brendan Powell
Hey All, my students have been working on the LEGO Spike Pinball and they are loving it. Is there any recordation's ...
Brendan Powell Category Just For Fun Jan '24
Erik Murray
Hey all, Will EV3 no longer being supported at the chrome app being discontinued I find myself with a whole bunch of ...
Erik Murray Category Retired Products Jan '24
Needs Answer
Daniel Cohen
Hi, I want to do some very heavy calculations on my computer and then pass those to EV3, what's the approach for that? ...
Daniel Cohen Category Just For Fun Jan '24
Al Malabis Malabis
In the quickly changing business environment of today, Digital Transformation Tools are now essential to ...
Al Malabis Malabis Category Competitions Jan '24
Lolla Bunny
Hello, I'm trying to use an ipad to program the Spike hub in python. But I have the weird issue that I can only type in ...
Lolla Bunny Category Just For Fun Jan '24
Stephen Wright
I am using Linux and have realized that I can access the Spike Prime 3 hub via Thonny which has support for ...
Stephen Wright Category Just For Fun Jan '24
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