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Roberto Catanuto
Hi, anyone of you has experienced programming an EV3 (similar strategies may apply to Spike) to go to a specific ...
Roberto, Gyro is like what we have in our ears, which keeps us standing up, it is not a GIS or similar, EV3 has a lot of ...
Patricia Paugas
Hello. Has anyone had experience using Robotics/Coding for adults with ASD and other intellectual ...
Patricia Paaugas, in your case I will start from zero, meaning try to understand your demographics level ...
Alison Tellos
Hi everyone! I am new to the LEGO Education Community. My name is Alison, and I am a student researcher interested in ...
Dear Alison,
I ususally use Lego MoreToMath set in my class.
You can download the app here ...

@Monica Boccoli Thank you so much! This was super helpful!

5 Step Framework

Championing Your STEM / STEAM Initiatives 146

Members of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year ( NNSTOY ) developed a teacher guidebook in partnership with LEGO® Education to empower educators to develop their own projects and programs that support innovative, hands-on STEM/STEAM learning and community outreach.

Knowing Where To Start 143

Jeff Charbonneau and Adam Gebhardt share their tips for knowing where to start. Have you dreamed of creating new opportunities for your students to engage them in STEAM learning? Are you concerned about time? Are you wondering about how to be ready to share your idea with administration? Anyone getting started with a new project or program has concerns ...

Preparing To Pitch To Administration 142

Kara Ball and Isabel Morales share their advice for creating a great pitch. You have a well thought out idea, but now it’s time to approach your administration and potential project partners for support. Where should you begin? What elements should your pitch include?

Collaborating With Others 141

Allyson Burns and Spencer Kiper provide insight into how they collaborate with others. Having project partners is often the key to take your project to the next level. Through these collaborations, students are given access to new opportunities such as field trips, interviews with experts, additional resources, or even a few surprises.

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