Simple Python Beginner Tutorials For LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime 119

"Hopefully it helps students with the transition from Scratch to MicroPython, this tutorial is targeted at a Sumo Competition" - Justin Pembroke, LEGO® Education Master Educator

3 Ways Teacher Community Supports STEAM Education 111

"STEAM education is possible during remote learning, and teacher communities can generate creative ideas to keep learning moving forward." - Aaron Maurer, LEGO® Education Master Educator

Building A Teacher Community For STEM Educators 110

"Educators need a safe space where they can support each other, learn from one another, and spark creative ideas to keep students engaged during this time." - Naomi Harm, LEGO® Education Master Educator

2020 Year End Wrap-Up With LEGO® Education Master Educators 86

We're closing out 2020 by asking some of our Master Educators about what it was like on the frontlines of education in the midst of a pandemic. This is your chance to hear about some the lessons they learned and the moments that kept them going!