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#LEGOeduCommunity News 21

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Dr. E's Challenges News 23

Dr. E's Challenges provide community members with an opportunity to design, build, and share creative solution to challenges from anywhere in the world. 

Get To Know LEGO® Education Master Educators 18

LEGO Master Educators are a unique breed of innovative and inspiring individuals. They know hands-on learning is the key to unlocking student potential, and developing the confidence they need to succeed in the 21st Century. They're also really cool people who we think you should get to know! This space will give you that opportunity as we spotlight a different Master Educator in every entry!

LEGO® Education Master Educator Tips and Tricks 17

Few groups are as resourceful and innovative as the educators in the LEGO® Education community. This space will put that creative energy at your fingertips and provide expert insight on how to optimize your LEGO Education experience!

Think Like an Engineer 27

Learn about teaching techniques for engineering.

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Implementing Hybrid Learning Is To Be Open To New Things With Jameelah Wright 82

"Be willing to step all the way out of your comfort zone to do something different."

MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Retirement FAQs 95

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 launched in 2013 and has enjoyed a long and incredibly successful journey. The product has now reached its natural end of life and will be listed as “retiring soon” on the LEGO® Education website.

Added by Marissa Dimino Blog #LEGOeduCommunity News 02/03/2021
Creating Opportunities For Students With Caroleann Del Juidice 80

"The greatest benefit to hands-on learning is the ability for students to make real-world connections."

Break The Barriers For Learning With Francisco Cajaraville-Bonilla 84

"When you do things the ”the right way” it is because somebody found one way to do it and told you “this is the best way”. I don´t believe in that."

2020 Year End Wrap-Up With LEGO® Education Master Educators 86

We're closing out 2020 by asking some of our Master Educators about what it was like on the frontlines of education in the midst of a pandemic. This is your chance to hear about some the lessons they learned and the moments that kept them going!

Added by Dave Ellis Blog #LEGOeduCommunity News 12/21/2020