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Inspiring Students To Think And Act Like Engineers 170

Educators overwhelmingly wish for their students to gain essential, future-proof practices and skills - how to think critically, be creative, work effectively with others, and believe in themselves.

We’re Moving Things Forward with the #BuildtoLaunch Path to the Pad Mission 166

Students will discover how NASA moves an entire rocket to the launch pad in this episode.

Can Your Class Hit A Target? The #BuildtoLaunch Build A Bullseye Mission Is Now Available 164

Let’s have your students examine the importance of testing and iterating in this Build to Launch episode.

We’re Kicking Off #BuildtoLaunch Module 2: Testing And Transport 163

Module 2 kicks off today and it’s time to focus on testing and transport. Engage students in thinking about why testing an idea is important.

Get The Team Together For This #BuildtoLaunch Mission: STEAM Work Is Teamwork 162

It’s time to explore why teamwork is so valuable for completing missions.