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5 Exciting Things To Do At ISTELive! 205

We’ll be at ISTELive 22 in New Orleans next week. Here’s what we are looking forward to most while at the conference.

LEGO® Education Invites U.S. Educators And Leaders In Hands-on STEAM Learning To Join Its Ambassador Program 204

U.S. educators in early learning through middle school can apply to join a cohort of innovative educators with a passion for and expertise in hands-on learning.

Benefits Of Classroom Robotics 201

The use of robotics in education has been rising over the past two decades. What are the benefits of bringing robotics into the classroom?

Added by Rob Torok Blog Think Like An Engineer 05/03/2022
Why Doesn’t My Robot Drive Straight? 199

If you program a robot to drive straight, you expect it to do just that. Here are some of the reasons that a typical LEGO robot might not drive straight and some suggestions about how to deal with it.

Added by Rob Torok Blog Think Like An Engineer 04/18/2022
The LEGO Foundation Invests USD 20million To Catalyse Innovation Supporting Neurodivergent Children 198

The LEGO Foundation launches a new accelerator programme - Play for All - designed to celebrate the strengths of neurodivergent children and help ensure all children have the right to play, learn and thrive.

Using The BETA SPIKE™ Web App 197

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about using the BETA SPIKE Web App with Chromebooks.