Farewell To Build Me “Emotions” 230

Farewell To Build Me “Emotions”


Build Me “Emotions” is retiring from the LEGO® Education Early Learning portfolio at the end of December in 2023.

Build Me “Emotions” was launched in 2016 with the purpose to develop children’s social skills including recognizing and understanding emotions, expressing personal preferences and resolving conflicts in productive ways. This set has helped foster social emotional learning and brought learning through play to countless preschoolers all over the world. Over the years social emotional learning and 21st century skill development has become increasingly embedded into LEGO® Education learning experiences. We say thank you Mrs. Muffin, Jeesun, Jayden, Zoey and Maddox for 7 years of supporting preschoolers explore their emotions and physical characteristics while developing social skills.


When Build Me “Emotions” retires at the end of December, we will no longer make updates to the respective Teacher Training course Learning Through Play with “Build Me Emotions”, but trainers are welcome to continue conducting it upon request.

Please reach out to your LEGO® Education contact if you have any questions.
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