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The LEGO Group Asks Families To Build A Star And Make A Difference 185

Through #BuildToGive , the LEGO Group is encouraging families to get creative and help bring the joy of play to 1.5 million children in need. Build and share your star by the end of December.

Take It To The Next Level By Combining Sets! 184

Activity briefs encourage the combination of LEGOⓇ Education sets to open unlimited possibilities for what students can learn when using the LEGOⓇ Learning System in the classroom.

How To Create Your Own Placemat Instructions 183

Ready to create placemat instructions for your class? Start with our template and a few helpful tips.




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Thijs van der Kaaij
Hi everyone. I'd like to build new models from single LEGO Education core sets. Yesterday I recieved a great ...
Amanda Buschmann
Hi everyone, I am the librarian (and LEGO Master Educator) for a Title I school in Houston, Texas. We host genius ...
Nate Krulish
We have a massive amount of WeDo 2.0 sets. I am wondering if the Technic XL motor is compatible with the 2.0 Hub from ...
Nate Krulish Category Primary 5d
Gerard Sweeney
I'm 99% sure this was flagged up ages ago, so I'll have another go. Lego Mindstorms EV3 classroom appears to have ...
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