We are a passionate group of educators from around the world who believe that play and exploration build successful life-long learners. We strive to do our best work every day so our students can explore, learn and challenge themselves without barriers. Our community mission is to support and learn from one another, to find inspiration and to connect with our peers.

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Learning Through Play is at the Heart of What We Do!

Learning Through Play challenges students to be effective communicators and collaborators, iterative designers, and creative problem-solvers. Moreover, hands-on playful learning also supports student content and skill acquisition across content areas.

Whether you're just getting started or you are a LEGO Education superuser, we have resources to support your work with students, from tips to help manage materials to instructional sequences and alignments and innovative lessons.


Blow Off Some STEAM With An End-of-Year School Carnival 228

As the school year and testing season wind down, have your students blow off some STEAM through a LEGO® Education carnival. Learn how the Sheboygan Area School District created an immersive experience for students, and borrow their ideas and resources to host your own end of year showcase celebration.

Joyful Learning At The White House Easter Egg Roll 227

LEGO® Education and Tufts Center for Engineering and Education Outreach (CEEO) participated in the 2023 White House Easter Egg Roll to bring joyful learning experiences to kids.

LEGO® Education Helps Educators Inspire The Next Generation Of STEAM Leaders With Free Classroom Resource 226

Danni Washington, Rie McClenny, and other inspiring STEAM professionals partner to design free classroom resources preparing students for future workforce challenges.


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