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Back To School, Grades 6-12, 2022 215

Welcome Back, Middle and High School Teachers! We're happy you're here and we're excited to share ideas and resources for maximizing your and your students' experience with LEGO® Education Solutions. We're launching our Customer Success Program with an introduction to our Product Resources Library, along with ideas for a successful first use of ...

Back To School, Grades 3-5, 2022 214

Welcome Back, Teachers and Creators! We hope you're as excited to see your learners as they are to see you. We're kicking off our Customer Success Program with grade-banded introductions to our Product Resources Library, along with ideas for a successful first use of bricks with your young builders.

Back To School, Grades K-2, 2022 212

Welcome back, Early Elementary School Educators! We hope you had a restful, restorative summer and that you're excited to be back learning, building, and working with kids. In this Back to School blog, we borrow the concept of Learning Through Play to introduce you to the Product Resources Library and to help you reframe these resources for classroom ...




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Nichole Gard
I received some new BricQ Motion Essential kits for my classroom, and the kids (and me, too!) have enjoyed building ...
Ryan Riess
Hi Everyone! I am a middle school Technology & Engineering teacher using spike prime kits in my robotics classes. I ...
Ryan Riess Category Just For Fun 2d
Henrik Sjodin
Guided Misson i Unit Competition Ready not updated to Superpower Season. We are now some weeks into the season, ...
Lynne Sharber
My first grade class just put up our first LEGO Challenge of the year. The students used a small baseplate and then ...
Ian ChowMiller
Does anybody know a way in Spike Prime to return the location of individual lights in the light matrix? I have a ...
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