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Constraints, Creativity, And Diversity Of Solutions - Move Without Wheels 225

What fuels creative thinking? Although it's often essential to remove barriers that inhibit our thinking, it’s valuable to remember that constraints can lead to new ways of looking at a problem.

Added by Rob Torok Blog Think Like An Engineer 12/19/2022
Build To Give: Classroom Ideas 223

We have some great ideas for tying the #BuildtoGive initiative to your classroom content so students can Learn Through Play while helping others.

Build A Gift To Give A Gift With The LEGO Group To Help Two Million Children 224

Give the Gift of Play over the Holidays with the LEGO Group.




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So with the new version 3 of the SPIKE Prime software, I am having trouble with the PASS The Brick lesson in the ...
Needs Answer
Aaron Maurer
I have hosted a day for a local school one day each year for grades K-8 that has schedule as follows for the event: K-2: ...
Tammi Keffer
I cannot get the code for Rock, Paper, Scissors to work on any hubs that have been updated. Here is the link to the code ...
Wesley Fryer
Today I learned about the FANTASTIC & free Lego robotics lessons on "You Can Tech" https://youcantech.org ...
Loreta Petryliene
Linksma karuselė https://www.youtube.com/shorts/K8dymWHF0EI