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5 Exciting Things To Do At ISTELive! 205

We’ll be at ISTELive 22 in New Orleans next week. Here’s what we are looking forward to most while at the conference.

LEGO® Education Invites U.S. Educators And Leaders In Hands-on STEAM Learning To Join Its Ambassador Program 204

U.S. educators in early learning through middle school can apply to join a cohort of innovative educators with a passion for and expertise in hands-on learning.

Benefits Of Classroom Robotics 201

The use of robotics in education has been rising over the past two decades. What are the benefits of bringing robotics into the classroom?

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Fadel Kandapath
So i am new to ev3. And would like to know how to import custom blocks to use sensors that are manufactures by high ...
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suresh balakrishnan
Hi i worked with spike in the WRO i face lot of issues with motos.. they are not accurately turning according to the ...
suresh balakrishnan
The spike prime hub is asking for update each every time. Even after the succesfful update .. if i unplug and connect ...
Jonathan Peverley
I have invested heavily in the EV3 Education packs and have been happily building the Core models and then ...
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Averse ABFun
PLEASE HELP. My LEGO spike Prime's main.py file has gotten corrupted and I can't do anything with it and it is my ...
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