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2020 Year End Wrap-Up With LEGO® Education Master Educators 86

We're closing out 2020 by asking some of our Master Educators about what it was like on the frontlines of education in the midst of a pandemic. This is your chance to hear about some the lessons they learned and the moments that kept them going!

Added by Dave Ellis Blog #LEGOeduCommunity News 12/21/2020
LEGO Storage In The Classroom 81

Do you start the school year (or FLL build season) with all your LEGO neatly sorted into kits, but find yourself with something that looks more like a junkyard after just a few weeks? If so, you’re not alone. Every teacher who uses LEGO materials with their students has had to deal with the challenge of organisation and storage. There is no one solution and ...

Added by Rob Torok Blog Think Like an Engineer 12/14/2020
The SPIKE Prime Heart Program 77

The SPIKE Prime Heart Program is a great resource for quickly testing sensors, controlling motors, or controlling a motor with a sensor. You can test your builds without any programming or even build simple robots or other mechanisms that work without writing any code. For such a handy tool, it’s surprising that it is given little or no attention in the ...

Added by Rob Torok Blog Think Like an Engineer 12/07/2020


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