Rethink How Students Learn with Purposeful Play
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The need for lifelong learning has been evident for years based on the rapid pace of development, an increasingly dynamic society, and the impact of technology on our work and life. While foundational skills are a must, it is increasingly important to focus on the whole learner and help students develop holistic skills, including 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving and creativity. These skills for holistic development also contribute to success and happiness in one’s personal life.

Purposeful play is rooted in the pedagogical approaches such as project-based learning, which are known to increase student learning outcomes and, at the same time, enable a love of learning. It encourages students to systematically explore, experiment and continually iterate. Students benefit from opportunities to connect ideas, nurture creativity and apply their knowledge and skills. Playful learning experiences provide a way for students to naturally discover and engage in these learning experiences. And when students are engaged, learning becomes more motivating, memorable and meaningful. Students feel empowered to learn and explore without worrying about a wrong answer or finding the one right answer. To rethink the learning experience, we need to consider how to consistently create engaging, playful experiences in classrooms.
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