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Danny Ardhiyanto rsvped to an event
Tapping the Potential of Learning Through Play in STEAM Programs 114
We know children thrive through play, but did you know that learning through play is a powerful research-backed strategy to boost student engagement in the classroom?

At this virtual Tech & Learning roundtable discussion, experts will share evidence from both research and practice that demonstrate the connection between play and learning. Attendees will learn about strategies and resources to incorporate purposeful play into their STEAM classrooms to help kids ...
Date & Time
Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 3:00pm EST
End Date & Time
Wednesday February 23rd, 2022 4:00pm EST
Fadel Kandapath posted new forum topic

So i am new to ev3. And would like to know how to import custom blocks to use sensors that are manufactures by high technic (here the high technic IR seeker sensor). I am aware of how to do it in the old version.

suresh balakrishnan posted new forum topic

Hi i worked with spike in the WRO i face lot of issues with motos.. they are not accurately turning according to the program. Especially the angle of turning.. Each and every time is chaning is position. Most of the students are using EV3 for robo mission task.. Is there any way to overcome the instabilty of the motors

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