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Rüdiger Hedgor posted new forum topic


I'm new to LEGO Spike Prime and I'm helping out a coach. He has multiple tablets with Android as operating system. We tried everything we could to transfer the projects from one tablet to another.

In the Spike App itself (version 2.0.8) you can export a project via Bluetooth which will then be saved as a .LLSP file. We tried to open it with the Spike Prime app without success. Is there a solution to that?

Thanks in advance


Nichole Gard posted new forum topic

I received some new BricQ Motion Essential kits for my classroom, and the kids (and me, too!) have enjoyed building with them. Have any of you utilized the lessons from the link below for BricQ Motion Essential? If so, any advice for starting from scratch with them?

Ryan Riess posted new forum topic

Hi Everyone!

I am a middle school Technology & Engineering teacher using spike prime kits in my robotics classes. I have looked before but I can't find any good python tutorials for the kits. I am having success using the scratch-based language with my 6 & 8th graders, but for my more advanced kids, I am trying to find some good resources to introduce them to Python. Programming is not my thing at all and while I can do scratch with no problem and some basic python for lego, doing ...

Back To School, Grades 6-12, 2022 215
For many teachers, jumping into the SPIKE ™ App for using SPIKE™ Essential or SPIKE™ Prime is the best way to get their students building, even before diving into their first official lesson. The App houses a sequence of fun, short tutorials that systematically introduce the functions of the set elements. At the top of the Home Page within the app (both web-based and downloaded versions) is a START button to launch the tutorials.

But other teachers and classes have ...

      My first grade class just put up our first LEGO Challenge of the year. The students used a small baseplate and then gathered 10-15 other bricks. Then they put the bricks together in any way they wanted. After their LEGO sculpture was complete, they drew a picture of it. I posted all of them on the bulletin board outside our room, along with some blank answer sheets. Other classes sit outside our hallway and match up the drawings to the sculptures on their answer sheets. Our ...

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