To Fail Is To Experience The First Attempt In Learning With Kevin Deissler 96

"The most important lesson I’ve learned through failing is that nothing is ever really a fail; it’s just another way for something not to work."

Know Your Students’ Unique Learning Situations With Sam Yancey 98

"If it took you years to be a master of in-person teaching, do you really think you’ll master hybrid learning in a single year? We must move away from a focus on utter perfection, which leads to feelings of exhaustion, failure, and disappointment, and more to a place of progress and seeing growth as well as learning from the setbacks."

Implementing Hybrid Learning Is To Be Open To New Things With Jameelah Wright 82

"Be willing to step all the way out of your comfort zone to do something different."

Creating Opportunities For Students With Caroleann Del Juidice 80

"The greatest benefit to hands-on learning is the ability for students to make real-world connections."