Bringing Joy Back To Learning With Purposeful Play 194

Bringing Joy Back To Learning With Purposeful Play


Now is the time to rethink learning. Students deserve to have authentic learning experiences that include purposeful play.

Video features Daniel Buhrow, Jessica Fair and 4th and 5th grade students from McKinney ISD and Joanna Mulholland from Berkeley Township School District.

This is a critical time in education and it’s important to have conversations that explore what learning can and should look like for both teachers and students. Teachers nationwide are looking for ways to excite and engage students in learning again. How can educators reach students, creating ‘aha’ moments in classrooms that will lead to a deeper understanding of core subjects while also building student confidence?

Research shows when learning happens through purposeful play, lessons become more motivating and meaningful. It’s why many classrooms are implementing hands-on STEAM learning programs, like those developed by NASA and LEGO Education, to foster social-emotional and 21st century skills, including collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.

During a discussion at SXSW Edu 2022, panelists explored the following themes:
  • The need for transformational change - It’s more important now than ever for education to make transformational changes that cultivate a growth mindset and instill a love for lifelong learning
  • The challenges that must be addressed - Engagement has suffered – both with teachers and students. Hands-on and playful learning creates an exciting and joyful learning environment for students while building resilience and 21st century skills that future jobs will demand
  • How teachers/educators work to deliver engaging classroom experiences – It is possible to create learning experiences that delight teachers and students alike, creating a new passion for learning and teaching

We're getting ready to head to ISTE next. What would you like to discuss during the event?

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