Prepping for Success

To support your implementation of LEGO Learning Solutions, we have a number of resources to prepare your district and sites to receive materials, help teachers ready their classrooms and their kits, and build a foundation for Learning Through Play.

The resources on this page are designed for educators who are just getting started, whether LEGO Education is new to your district or site, or if you are on-boarding teachers new to LEGO Education. 

District and Site Preparation Resources
District and Site Preparation Resources

Get your bricks in a row before the kits arrive.

LEGO Learning Solution Resources
LEGO Learning Solution Resources

Links to Getting Started resources and support for LEGO Learning Solutions.

Classroom Preparation Resources
Classroom Preparation Resources

Tips to help organize kits and kids!


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Bradley Dutchcot
I have 15 kits of the SPIKE Essentials and 15 kits of the SPIKE Prime kits. I am looking for some guidance on the best ...

Hi @Bradley Dutchcot !

I use the SPIKE Prime kits with my middle schoolers. I believe that the cords should be the ...

Oliver Beyer
Hi! I'm quite new to this community - and new to python, which I currently try to learn by using SPIKE Prime. However ...
Oliver Beyer Category Getting Started Aug '23