Introducing the 2024 LEGO® Education Ambassadors 234

Introducing the 2024 LEGO® Education Ambassadors


Meet the educators across the U.S. who are reimagining the way students learn through the power of play.

We are so excited to announce the 2024 cohort of our U.S. Ambassador Program, recognizing educators nationwide who are leaders and advocates of teaching students through the power of play. LEGO Education Ambassadors are changemakers in early learning through middle school education inspiring and preparing students for their future with hands-on LEGO Education learning experiences. This year’s cohort of 78 educators represent 25 states across the U.S. and range from 3 to 32 years of teaching experience.

The 2024 cohort includes many new and returning educators, including classroom teachers, STEAM specialists, robotics instructors, and media specialists. Each year educators apply and are selected for the program because they exemplify the values and mission of LEGO Education, are leaders and advocates of hands-on STEAM learning, and have demonstrated the impact of the LEGO® Learning System in their classrooms.

Educators find community with peers

The Ambassador community fosters learning where educators connect and share ideas, experiences and perspectives at local and online events, on social media and in the LEGO Education Community. As leaders in their schools, districts, and communities and with the support of their peers and LEGO Education, the Ambassadors can reach and inspire more educators and students to discover the joy in learning.

“Hands-on learning is the cornerstone of student engagement,” says new Ambassador Brian Briggs, Director of Technology for Washington Unified School District in West Sacramento, California. “Students will want to come to school daily if there is positive engagement and a sense of belonging, which is why I’m excited to collaborate with others in the program and create learning experiences that make our students go WOW!”

Returning Ambassador and 5th grade Math and Science Teacher Angela Gier says, “As a LEGO Education Ambassador, I’ve been able to open doors of opportunity for my students and co-workers in their diverse communities.” Gier, who teaches at Maple Lawn Elementary in Dallas, Texas, values the community and inspiration she’s found through the program. “I am excited to continue to enhance my teaching practices and share with my students all the new ways to experience endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity, innovation, and learning with LEGO Education,” she added.

2024 LEGO Education Ambassadors

Karla Alfaro

Caroleann Del Juidice

Jillian Johnson

Katie Scherhaufer

Sean Arnold

Arielle Denrich

Anna Johnson

Ali Schilpp

Lacey Ashton

Saul Duarte

Shelley Kappeler

Rebecca Shields

Eden Becker-Mosoff

Grace Finn

Gregory Kent

Emma Smith

Mindy Bissett

Nichole Gard

Laura Knapp

Joey Tanaka

Wendy Boatright

Angela Gier

Janine Knight

Brittney Tarr

Vanessa Boone

Jen Gilbert

Amy Kuntz

Michelle Touceda

Jeffrey Bradbury

Theresa Goltermann

Andrea Lugo

Emily Trace

Rebecca Bridges

Rebecca Gorlin

Aaron Maurer

Jacque Trembulak

Brian Briggs

Eric Greene

Carlanda Miller

Amy Trujillo

Daniel Buhrow

Garrett Gross

Joanna Mulholland

Teresa Vera

Linda Bustamante Padron

Juan Gutierrez

Carol Munn

Anne Ware

Amanda Chacon

Tzvi Hametz

Valerie Munoz

Caitlin Wright

Ian Chow-Miller

Gohar Hamo

Erik Murray

Erica Yarger

Giavanni Coleman

Brett Hannan

Nilda Palomo

Brian Zander

Chris Colson

Kathy Hardesty

Kelly Parker

Cassondra Zielinski

Jennie Costa

Erin Hardy

Daniel Quinn

Jason Zobl-Tar

Olivia Davison

Lisa Hervey

Peggy Reimers

Eduardo Zurita

Kevin Deissler

Robert Holcomb

Ryan Riess

Amy Dekker

Angel Jackson

Carly Sapp

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Find out more about the Ambassador Program here and stay tuned to learn more about our LEGO Education Ambassadors this year as we feature their stories on our social media channels:

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Facebook: @LEGOeducationOfficial

LinkedIn: @lego-education

Instagram: @legoeducation

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I am excited to join the LEGO Education Community with my creative students!

Welcome to all the new LEGO Education Ambassadors! You will learn tons, grow tremendously, and have an enormous amount of fun!

I am extremely proud to be part of this community. I am looking forward to networking and supporting my students with new and exciting hands on experiences to give them access to the curriculum in a fun and engaging way.

I am very excited to be an ambassador this year and connect with other LEGO lovers!

Thrilled to be back and looking forward to bringing more playful learning to my new school!

Would love to connect/reconnect with everyone!

I'm so excited to learn, grow, and share about more ways to learn through play as an ambassador! 🎉

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