Championing Your STEM / STEAM Initiatives 146

Championing Your STEM / STEAM Initiatives


Members of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) developed a teacher guidebook in partnership with LEGO® Education to empower educators to develop their own projects and programs that support innovative, hands-on STEM/STEAM learning and community outreach.

The NNSTOY and LEGO® Education share a commitment to making quality hands-on learning experiences accessible for all students. The LEGO Education Advisory Council is the result of this shared commitment with the goal to share what these exemplary educators have learned on their own journeys in bringing forward STEM/STEAM initiatives so that your paths can be a little easier.

Teachers are, after all, the most crucial factor for student success. We believe teachers should be the voices of learning transformation, given their close relationships with students and the influence they have on their success. The guidebook provides a framework for teachers who want to start their own innovative STEAM program or project that might require additional resources or support for success.

Teachers will hear from NNSTOY members as they share stories from their own advocacy journeys and the lessons they learned along the way.

Join the conversation, ask your questions and get connected with the NNSTOY members!
Learn more and download the Teacher Resource Guidebook: Championing your STEM / STEAM Initiatives

It Doesn’t Always Go Swimmingly
Of course, not every project gets the green light. Some lose funding, others never gain momentum, and some pivot in a completely new direction. The reality is we all have bumps in the road with new initiatives. The team of NNSTOY members share their own roadblock journeys and how they navigated along the way.

Blog LEGO® Education Advisory Council 07/16/2021 1:15pm EDT

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