Dr. E's Challenges Guidelines 34
Dr. E's Challenges Guidelines

Here is information and general guidelines for Dr. E's Challenges:


  • New Dr. E's Challenges are released on a Monday and will remain "open for submissions" for a period of two weeks.

    • Challenge 1: Animal and Habitat opens on July 20th and closes on Aug 10th

    • Challenge 2: Pet Helper opens on July 27th and closes on August 17th

  • At the end of the submission period, there will be a three-day time frame for liking and commenting on others’ submissions (although you can do this at any time!)

  • Dr. E will announce (posted here to the LEGO Education Community) both the Fan Favorites and his personal Top Picks at the end of each challenge.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Any age inventor can design and build a solution to the Dr. E’s Challenges.

  • You must have a LEGO Education Community account in order to submit.

  • Children must have an adult (e.g. teacher, parent, coach, etc) with a LEGO Education Community account post on their behalf.

  • You can submit as many times (different builds and solutions, please!) as you want.

  • Reminder: upload hands and LEGO models only! No pictures or videos of children.

  • Please see more details on How to Submit a Challenge Solution.

Challenge Specific Guidelines:

  • For Challenge 1: Animal and Habitat, you can use any LEGO bricks, elements, and building elements you have around your house.

  • For Challenge 2: Pet Helper, any LEGO Robotics Kit (WeDo, SPIKE Prime, MINDSTORMS, etc) can be used for the robotics challenge.
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