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About Tufts CEEO


Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), located just outside Boston MA USA, is a leader in “improving education through engineering” for K-12 and university classrooms. The fundamental belief motivating our education research, educational technologies, and outreach is that this integration helps students develop critical skills and improved excitement for learning, leading to wider technical literacy, higher quality of life, and greater environmental responsibility awareness.


Tufts CEEO has a variety of services and programming that is of interest to educators around the world. A few of our most popular offerings are listed below.


Teacher Engineering Education Program (TEEP)

Teacher Engineering Education Program (TEEP) from Tufts CEEO is an affordable, flexible program that offers graduate credit hours and gives teachers the tools they need to teach engineering, and also use engineering to incorporate science, technology, and math into lessons. The completely online program offers two tracks, one for elementary and one for middle and high school educators, and while the courses are rigorous the instruction is differentiated for all ability and knowledge levels. In addition to the Engineering Education Certificate, single-course options around specific topics are available as well. Learn more about TEEP at teep.tufts.edu.


Student and Teacher Workshops

Throughout the year, Tufts CEEO runs a variety of Design and Engineering Workshops (DEW) for practicing teachers and students alike. Learn more about the Design and Engineering Workshops (DEW) offered by Tufts CEEO at outreach.tuftsceeo.org.


Novel Engineering

Novel Engineering is an integrated approach to teaching engineering and literacy in elementary and middle school. Students use existing classroom literature (stories, novels, and expository texts) as the basis for engineering design challenges that help them identify problems, design realistic solutions, and engage in the Engineering Design Process while reinforcing their literacy skills. Learn more about Novel Engineering at novelengineering.org.


Tufts CEEO Blog and Newsletter

The Tufts CEEO Blog and Newsletter are used as ways for Tufts CEEO to stay connected with interested teachers and parents through sharing highlights of all the amazing projects and programs. Visit the Tufts CEEO Blog at blog.tuftsceeo.org or join the mailing list here.


LEGO Engineering

Tufts CEEO is the organization behind the LEGO Engineering Community (website and Facebook Group), a space to inspire and support teachers in bringing LEGO-based engineering to all students. The sites include a wide range of activities, inspiration, and support for educators looking to go beyond the basics when including LEGO products in their classrooms and teaching. Visit the LEGO Engineering Community at legoengineering.com.


To learn more about Tufts CEEO and all we have to offer, please visit ceeo.tufts.edu

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