Paper And Craft Materials 72

How can you incorporate paper and other craft materials into your LEGO creations? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Windmills Create a windmill by cutting four windmill blades out of thin cardboard. You can use a manila folder, food packaging or similar material (see image: cut blades from a used ...

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Get Into Gears, Part 2 70

This post builds on  Get Into Gears, Part 1 with ideas for classroom activities to explore gears and their properties, as well as some recommended books and other resources. Classroom activities  1. Gear ratios Create a series of gear trains with something to indicate "up" on each of the driver and the follower as in the following example. Divide the ...

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Get Into Gears, Part 1 64

Gears can be used for a number of different purposes, including: to increase or decrease speed, to increase torque, and to change the direction of movement. In this post we look at some terms associated with gears and gear ratios, the main types of LEGO gears, and some techniques for analysing gear ratios and building with gears. Talking about gears Two ...

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