5 Exciting Things To Do At ISTELive! 205

5 Exciting Things To Do At ISTELive!


We’ll be at ISTELive 22 in New Orleans next week. Here’s what we are looking forward to most while at the conference.

If you’re heading down to the Big Easy for ISTELive 22, you’ve probably seen the great agenda and signed up for some of the workshops and outings arranged by the ISTE team. If you’re looking for more ideas on what to do while at the show, here’s our list of the top five things we’re looking forward to most!
  1. Mission Reignition. Journey with the LEGO Space Team to Moon Base LTP90 to take on five playful learning missions. With each completed mission, explorers will get a piece of the key to reigniting the joy in learning. There will be some terrific tools to complete the missions and we’ve heard there may be some special guests making an appearance! Get a team together and register for the experience!
  1. Spotlight Sessions. There are so many spotlight sessions that we’re excited about, but two in particular make the top of our list.
The first is “Countdown to Reignition with LEGO Education and NASA” on Monday, June 27 at 2:00 p.m. CT. Following her fame in the Build to Launch mission episodes, Dr. Jenny Nash will share how this digital STEAM learning series allows students to explore the STEAM careers that make space exploration possible.

The next is “Rethinking Learning and Reigniting Joy, LEGO Education and Redlands Unified School District” on Tuesday, June 28 at 2:00 p.m. CT. In this session, you’ll meet Olivia Davidson and Carly Sapp from Redlands who will discuss how their district has embraced the power of learning through play by adopting the LEGO® Learning System.
  1. Meeting up with other educators. We’re counting down to the opportunity to meet with amazing educators in person again. There’s so much learning and collaborating that becomes possible when you get this many passionate and talented educators together.
  1. Listening and learning at the mainstage. The mainstage schedule has some inspiring and exciting themes this year. We’re looking forward to starting each day by listening and learning from educators – especially as they dive deep into more technology and STEAM topics!
  1. Grabbing a beignet and enjoying some music. We’ve heard music carries throughout the city of New Orleans and we can’t wait! There’s nothing quite like enjoying a beignet while listening to some local jazz musicians at the end of the day.
BONUS: Learn more about the LEGO® Education Ambassador Program on-site!
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