Joyful Learning At The White House Easter Egg Roll 227

Joyful Learning At The White House Easter Egg Roll


LEGO® Education and Tufts Center for Engineering and Education Outreach (CEEO) participated in the 2023 White House Easter Egg Roll to bring joyful learning experiences to kids.

LEGO Education, along with Tufts CEEO, participated in the annual White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll, held on the South Lawn on Monday, April 10. Presented by the US First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, an educator herself, the event followed an “EGGucation” theme with fun learning activities, schoolyard fun, and special performances in addition the historic egg roll itself.
As part of the School House Activity Area, LEGO Education invited kids of all ages to decorate an egg with a LEGO Education SPIKE™ Prime robot and colorful markers. The robotic egg decorator would spin the plastic egg, while kids held the marker to create their unique design. We saw everything from precise lines and abstract designs as kids expressed their creativity and proudly took their creations home. Each child received a special certificate recognizing them as a LEGO Education STEAM Hero.

Designed by Tufts University engineering student Paul Galvan, the robot “egg”cited kids and showed them the unlimited possibilities in STEAM. Our friends from Tufts CEEO, including Dr. Ethan Danahy (aka: Dr. E) attended and kept the egg decorators spinning throughout the day. Our interactive and hands-on station also featured the now iconic SPIKE Prime Robotic Bunny, created following a build by Coder Shah. Click here for the build instructions.df962db864d4a07119cb7fd4b84b98fa-huge-im

Over 30,000 people attend this annual event from across the country. Military and veteran families, caregivers, and families are in attendance, and tickets are distributed in a lottery system to the public. Staffed by many volunteers, the size and scale of the event is impressive, energetic, and family-friendly.

With long lines, LEGO Education was a popular destination, and we were able to show parents, families, and many teachers, the joy of STEAM learning with LEGO Education.


Tufts CEEO
Coder Shah's Bunny Build Instructions
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Hey, I had a great time showcasing my project! You can contact me anytime for instructions. Thank you!!

Coder Shah Coder Shah Apr '23

Hi, thanks for the shoutout! Glad you liked my build!

Thanks for creating it and sharing the instructions! It was a fun build and the kids really enjoyed watching it and asking questions about how it worked. 😀

Ryan Riess Ryan Riess Apr '23

This is awesome! Getting the word out about STEAM education is so important and there is no better way than giving people a hands-on experience!

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