Introducing: LEGO® Education BETA SPIKE™ Web App 196

Introducing: LEGO® Education BETA SPIKE™ Web App


We’ve developed a BETA version of the SPIKE™ Web App for Chromebook users to help you start quickly, save on device storage space and experience less disruptive updates.

As Chromebooks have become a more popular device option in the classroom, we recognized some of the challenges for installing and updating the SPIKE™ Web App on these devices. Today, we announce the availability of a BETA version of the SPIKE App for Chromebook users.

With the BETA SPIKE Web App, Chromebook users can expect to start quickly, save on device storage space and experience less disruptive updates. We are excited to share this BETA version of the SPIKE App with you to help make your classroom experience even better. However, the web-based App is different than the native app on iOS or Android platforms.

Here are a few things to know:
  • No Account Needed. Users do not need to create an account to begin using the Web App making it fast and easy for students to start working on projects.
  • Internet Required. It requires a stable internet connection to work – we recommend a minimum internet speed of 1Mbit/s for the best experience.
  • Stream Units Online. Learning units are streamed online directly through the web app – no need to download units separately.
  • Chromebook Availability Only. The BETA Web App is only supported for Chrome browsers on Chromebooks at this time – it may not work on other types of computers with Chrome (or other browsers).
  • Hub Connections. The SPIKE Prime Hub can only be connected using a USB cable – Bluetooth connection is not possible with the Beta app.
    • However, the SPIKE Essential Hub can be connected using either Bluetooth or USB – avoid reloading the Web App as the connection will be lost and you’ll need to connect the Hub again.
  • Local Project Saves. Projects can be saved locally to either use from the device or save to the cloud and access from another device later – which may be helpful if devices are shared across students.
    • Don’t forget to save though – once the app closes, projects will be lost as we are unable to save projects through the Web App itself at this time.
    • To save a project, click on the three dots on the top left corner next to the home button to name your project and designate a folder.
Installing and updating the SPIKE App on Chromebooks can be challenging for students, teachers and admins. That’s why we’ve launched the SPIKE Web App for Chromebooks as a BETA version. We hope this helps improve the classroom experience while using SPIKE Prime and SPIKE Essential.

And, we’re looking for your feedback on the experience! Join the BETA SPIKE Web App group on the Community now to share your thoughts and discuss your experience with others.

To get started with the BETA SPIKE Web App, go to
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That's good news. Until when is the beta testing.

I am excited to try these in the classroom. I know the children will enjoy experimenting.

Hi @Joanna Mills I don't have timing to share yet on the BETA period. But please continue sharing feedback with us as you use this version.

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