LEGO® Education Beta SPIKE™ App 3.0 Available 210

LEGO® Education Beta SPIKE™ App 3.0 Available


The SPIKE 3 Beta Web App is ideal for advanced users and competition teams as it offers functionalities that are not available in the native app.

Designed for use with the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Portfolio, the Beta SPIKE App 3.0 is a powerful and inclusive tool that helps teachers facilitate engaging, hands-on STEAM learning. Currently, the SPIKE App 3.0 is in Beta and not recommended for classroom use. It is best for advanced users and competitions teams who are looking for advanced functionalities not currently available in the native app.

When combined with SPIKE™ Essential or SPIKE™ Prime, the Beta SPIKE App 3.0 allows students to: 
  • Apply their learning and go deep into coding, technology, and digital integration.  
  • Develop computational thinking skills using a progression of icon-block, word-block, and text-based coding.  
  • Build, tinker, and experiment - progressing from simple creations to complex structures and mechanisms.  
  • Learn to program, test and tweak designs, debug and optimize, create stories with LEGO® Minifigures, prepare for FIRST® LEGO® League competitions, and more!  

An Intuitive experience
The Beta SPIKE App 3.0 provides multiple intuitive coding environments which, when combined with SPIKE Prime or SPIKE Essential, offer a hybrid adaptive, physical and digitally creative system that teachers and students alike will love to use. Students progress from simple icon-blocks to word-block coding based on Scratch and finally Python to code their creations and bring STEAM learning to life. The Beta SPIKE App 3.0 provides a new python experience which makes the transition from word block easier and faster.

The new features in SPIKE 3.0 include:
  • Easier to connect to SPIKE Prime Hub
  • Updating firmware is much faster for SPIKE Prime
  • New python API makes the transition easier from word block to python code
  • Simplified word block pallet for more movement blocks
  • Hub boots up instantly
  • More control over various settings for eg. Light intensity of 5x5 matrix
Faster Connection Flow
Connect wirelessly to Chromebooks using the Beta SPIKE App 3.0 allow students to focus on the learning content and spend their time more efficiently. The new firmware update takes a few minutes, and the hub starts up instantly. It makes wireless connections through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) more straightforward and faster (any SPIKE Prime Hub should connect within five seconds).

Try the Beta SPIKE App 3.0 now by visiting:

Share your feedback in the SPIKE Group here:
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Garry Law Garry Law Dec '22

Hi I teach with LEGO Education in Australia and Python is one of our main subjects using SPIKE Prime. I cannot seem to access the Python features as demonstrated in the video, can you please help us? Kind regards, Garry

ur dad nut ur dad nut May '23

If you haven't figured it out yet, you need to go to the general tab in settings to enable the functionality of creating Python projects.

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