Single Python API In The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App Is Now Live 229

Single Python API In The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App Is Now Live


Learn more about the Python API now available for the SPIKE™ App.

We are excited to confirm that Python API in SPIKE™ App is live and available on app stores and our website.
The single Python API allows for faster program execution, easier progression from Scratch to Python, as well as more advanced programming and models. Other improvements include:
  • New editor experience with auto-complete and error detection
  • Knowledge base with new Getting Started and search functionality.
  • Possibility of parallel coding workflows and running multiple coding stacks.
Additionally, with the latest release SPIKE App is now officially WCAG AA compliant. It means that SPIKE App users with reading disabilities are having an easier time using our app, reading the content, and navigating through. This achievement supports our values of diversity & inclusion.

If you experience any bugs or want to share your feedback, please visit our support portal.

Have fun coding!

Download the latest version here: SPIKE Prime | Student App Download | LEGO® Education
Access the Web App version here:
Blog Product and Solution Updates 06/23/2023 7:59am EDT

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Exciting news! The release of the Python API in the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App opens up new possibilities for faster, more advanced programming experiences. t mobile phone service provider With enhanced features like auto-complete and error detection, alongside WCAG AA compliance for accessibility, it's a step forward in inclusive learning. Looking forward to exploring the potential of parallel coding workflows and multiple coding stacks. Happy coding!

I am really grateful for this. Is there a lesson plan available to begin an geometry dash lite

I would prefer if we also have a full documentation on the spike Python
Regard, Cs

Hi Team,

Has there been anymore documentation to support the roll out of the API?

Thanks Justin

Can this Single Python API be accessed from outside the Spike Prime 3 App?

This is appreciated! Is there a lesson plan on creating a class (for OOP)?

Would you tell me if it is possible to import math functions, such as sin, cos, sqrt, which are available on Word Block?

Yes it is.

Hello all! We've added the replay of the webinar to this post.

Could you please post the link to the recorded webinar? Thanks

Yes! Added the replay video to this post.

Was this recorded? I missed and would love to watch.

Yes! Added the replay video to this post.

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