It's Time To Rethink Learning 125

It's Time To Rethink Learning


It’s time to rethink how we empower students to take ownership of their learning. The pedagogical approaches that are part of learning through play are proven to drive improved learning outcomes. The fact that they also generate enthusiasm, motivation and a lifelong love of learning means that we owe it to our children to embed them in our approach to learning.

Research has shown that hands-on, purposeful play is a powerful tool to engage students in learning. When students are engaged, learning becomes more motivating, memorable and meaningful.
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5 Reasons Purposeful Play Can Improve Learning Outcomes.
The time is now to integrate new ideas that overcome some of the challenges brought to light by the pandemic and make education more accessible and engaging. A great start is by integrating purposeful play into curriculums, to deepen conceptual learning and hone 21st century skills. ​
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How are you implementing purposeful play in the classroom​?
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