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How to submit a new resource
Written Steps

Starting a Resource

1. Click Resources in the navigation dropdown and select Resources by Members
2. Click the yellow button labeled "Add a Resource"
3. Enter the title, description, and details of your resource on the form
4. Once completed, hit Save to submit your resources

Adding a video

  1. Upload your video to Youtube, Brightcove, Giphy, Vimeo
  2. Go to the field labeled "Video1" or "video2"
  3. Click the icon that looks like a movie film strip
  4. Copy and paste the link of your video, from Youtube, Brightcove, Giphy, Vimeo
  5. Click "Embed"
  6. Give it a title and description
  7. Click "Post"

Adding a photo to your text description

  1. In the description text box, click the "photo" icon at the top of the box
  2. Click the "choose file" button beneath "Select File"
  3. Browse and select the photo file and click "Open"
  4. Enter a title and description
  5. Click "Post"


  1. If you have material to go with your resource like a rubric, training guide, worksheet, you can add it as an attachment. 
  2. Beneath the "attachment" header, click the button "Choose File"
  3. Enter a "file name"
  4. Enter a "file description"
  5. Click "Submit

Posting a thumbnail

If you'd like to share a photo that everyone can see in the list of resources, go to your resource
  1. Click "edit submission"
  2. Click "Manage/Add Photos"
  3. Scroll to "Upload Item Photos"
  4. Enter a title and description for your photo
  5. Click "choose file" and then click "open"

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