Welcome To Dr. E's Challenges 33

Welcome To Dr. E's Challenges


Dr. E's Challenges, run by Ethan “Dr. E” Danahy from Tufts CEEO, is an online space for members to design, implement, and share their solutions with a worldwide community of like-minded LEGO enthusiasts. Appropriate for doing at home, in after-school clubs, or in the classroom as part of the curriculum, the challenges help develop building, programming, and other skills using LEGO Education products. Dr. E’s Challenges encourage learners to develop creative technical solutions to open-ended problems, and to share their work online inspiring others around the world.

Right now (July 2020), we are thankful to the LEGO Education Community for providing a space for us to test out a pilot relaunch of Dr. E’s Challenges. For the next several weeks we’ll have two brand-new challenges available for teachers, parents, and coaches to solve themselves or give to their students or children. When you have developed a solution, post your creation (or on behalf of a child) to the LEGO Education Community to share with others! (Be sure to view the Submission Guidelines.)

Whether or not you submit to this set of challenges, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you think about the Dr. E’s Challenges concept, and if you think we should do more of this kind of thing, especially in the coming months as schools and education (in all its various forms and formats) starts to ramp up again. Leave a comment below letting us know what kind of thing you’d like to see and how innovations like this can help you and other educators in the future.

And as always, we look forward to seeing what everyone creates!
- Dr. E and the Dr. E's Challenges team

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