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How To Submit A Challenge Solution


Now that you have created a physical solution to one of the Dr. E’s Challenges, it’s time to submit to the community.

Steps for submission:

  1. Visit the Dr. E’s Challenges section within the LEGO Education Community.

  2. Find the specific challenge to which you are submitting.

  3. Press the yellow Add Topic button to create a new Discussion Thread for documenting your challenge submission.


  1. Give your submission a name in the “Subject” field.


  1. Import a photo of your creation by dragging into the text box or using the Image feature (for linking to image URL or uploading to the Community).


  1. You can also include a video of your solution (must be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion). Extra instructions for embedding a video are here.


  1. Give us some details about your submissions! Include text describing your solutions, like what inspired you, how it works, or any difficulties you overcame in creating your design.

  2. If submitting on behalf of someone else (e.g. a child’s creation), please (optionally) provide some credit so we know who they are! This could be their first name, a nickname, their relationship to you, etc.

  3. When ready, click Post and check that your submission has been added to the challenge.


  1. Then be sure to Like and comment on others’ submissions!



Submission Reminders:

  • Any age inventor can design and build a solution to the Dr. E’s Challenges.

  • You must have a LEGO Education Community account in order to submit.

  • Children must have an adult (e.g. teacher, parent, coach, etc) with a LEGO Education Community account post on their behalf.

  • You can submit as many times (different builds and solutions, please!) as you want.

  • Reminder: upload hands and LEGO models only! No pictures or videos of children.

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