SPIKE™ Essential Challenges
May Engineering Challenge Springtime Solution
April Engineering Challenge: Protect the Environment
March Ten Brick Challenge: Illumination Creation
March Engineering Design Challenge: Taxi-Taxi Pi Day
February Remix Challenge: Animal Alarm Silly Sounds
February Debugging Challenge: Big Bus Blunder
January Remix Challenge: Animal Structures--Sensing Remix
January Debugging Challenge: Classic Carousel--Carousel Chaos!
December Remix Challenge: Big Little Helper Snowplow
December Debugging Challenge: Arctic Ride Icy Obstacles
November Remix Challenge: Literary Randomizer--Menu Remix
November Debugging Challenge: Cable Car Concerns
October Debugging Challenge: A Bug in the Ferris Wheel
October Remix Challenge: Good Morning Machine Remix
SPIKE™ Prime Challenges
May Debugging Challenge: Rhino Remedy
May Remix Challenge: Writing Remix
April Debugging Challenge: Driving Base Debug
April Engineering Challenge: Rain or Shine?
April Remix Challenge: Super Cleanup Sensor Switch Up
March Debugging Challenge: Hopper Mishap
March Remix Challenge: A Delightful (Break)Dance
February Ten Brick Challenge: Grabber
February Engineering Design Challenge: Drawing Shapes
January Ten Block Challenge: Help! Problems and Solutions
January Engineering Design Challenge: New Year, New Me Ideas!
December Ten Brick Challenge: Spinning Snowflake
December Engineering Challenge: Snow Globe Designs
November Engineering Challenge: Automate It! and Robochef
November Ten Brick Challenge: What Is This?
October Ten Brick Challenge: Hopper Race Constraints
October Engineering Challenge: Haunting Halloween Models