Bring Access, Equity, And Excellence To All Learners With Eric Greene 46

Bring Access, Equity, And Excellence To All Learners With Eric Greene


"The greatest benefit to a hands-on approach to learning is that students get to experience success or failure in real time."

0ad825ce32a64c6a8d4fe6442c51182f-huge-erName: Eric Greene
Title: Robotics and Science Teacher at Linden Renaissance Middle School 192Q
Years of Experience: 20 years with the New York City Department of Education
Primary LEGO Education Solution used: EV3
Social media accounts/blogs/websites: Twitter: @egreene1922, Instagram: egreene192

What would you say is your philosophy as an educator?
My educator philosophy is to bring access, equity, and excellence to all learners.

What is the greatest benefit of a hands on approach to learning?
The greatest benefit to a hands-on approach to learning is that students get to experience success or failure in real time. They can see the results of their efforts and are able to iterate and adjust them to make improvements on design, program, etc.

What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?
My favorite thing about being a teacher is seeing students succeed at a task and then help other students in the class that are struggling.

What is one of your proudest moments in the classroom
One of my proudest moments came when then NYC Chancellor Dennis Walcott visited my robotics classroom and asked students' questions as they worked. Then he interviewed my robotics team as they were preparing for a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition.

Another proud moment was my Robotics team winning the 2016 NYC FLL finals 1st Place Champions Award and going on to compete at the World Festival Tournament in St. Louis, Mo.

What advice would you give teachers about implementing a hybrid learning strategy?
The advice I would give to teachers implementing a blended learning strategy is to get to know the students as well as possible and reach out to their families to build a rapport with them. Yes, we must continue to improve our remote instruction and learn to teach students in new ways, but nothing is more important than the interpersonal relationships we form with students and their families.

What is the potential impact you anticipate SPIKE Prime could have on your students’ learning/building their confidence in STEAM learning?
I had a limited number of students that used SPIKE Prime because I only had one kit. The students that did work with it enjoyed the experience. They liked the different colors and shapes of the building elements. The students also picked up the programming and did well with it. Looking to get more of these kits for my students.

Failure is often a key aspect of the learning process. What's the most important lesson you've learned through failing?
The most important lesson that I have learned through failing is persistence and resilience. You must continue to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in order to grow.

What are some of your favorite activities/hobbies to do at home?
Some of my favorite activities/hobbies I do at home are listen to music, work on things around the home and my backyard, build and program LEGO robots, and entertain family and friends with backyard barbeques and parties.

Favorite book/movie/podcast?
My favorite movie is “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith.

First musical album you ever owned?
The first album I owned was ‘That’s the Way of the World’ by Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Were you a LEGO Fan as a kid? What’s your LEGO Story?
Yes, I was a LEGO fan as a kid. I played and built things with LEGO as a child. I began teaching in September 2000 and started my robotics program with five RCX kits. The program has grown and is now a major part of our school's curriculum and I will begin my 19th season as a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) coach. We also have hosted FLL Qualifiers at my school for the past four yours.

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Nice to see you here Eric!!! Hugs from Denmark :)
Hi Eric Greene‍, amazing "proud moment" you had, and I know you probably have many!
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us. 🌷