LEGO® Education Is Proud To Announce The 2020-2021 Cohort Of LEGO Education Master Educators 41
LEGO® Education Is Proud To Announce The 2020-2021 Cohort Of LEGO Education Master Educators
The 2020-2021 cohort of LEGO Education Master Educators has been chosen, and we are excited to welcome our new 2020 cohort and congratulate our returning Master Educators to this community! Whether it's in the classroom or at a distance these educators are committed to keeping learning hands-on and engaging. 

214ef4d1cb6acca3b69f79f9c4d71d43-huge-20Our Master Educators represent an inspiring and innovative group of individuals who believe in the power of learning through play to build confidence, resilience, and vital 21st century skills. LEGO Education, has partnered with educators for more than 40 years, to provide outstanding educational experiences and a continuum of STEAM learning solutions that unlock student potential and build life-long learners.  

LEGO Education Master Educators embody our mission to enable every child to succeed. They empower and inspire students every day by giving them engaging opportunities to build 21st century skills. We're confident that together we can meet the challenges that come with hybrid learning and the unique circumstances of this school year while keeping learning hands-on and collaborative.

Thank you to all of our Master Educators for being part of the LEGO Education mission and for your dedication to the success of your students now and in the future! Be sure to follow #LEGOmastereducator on our social channels.


LEGO Education Master Educators 2020-2021 cohort:
Aaron Maurer Denis Kogan John Giles Mike Bennett
Adam Vincent Dwight Tarrago John Heffernan Mindy Bissett
Ali Dogan Eduardo Zurita John Long Mindy Freeman Rosen
Ali Schilpp Elena Alakban John Thomas Nancy Penchev
Alicia Miller Emily Jones Joseph Bustillos Naomi Harm
Alisha Bridges Eric Greene Joshua Jordan Natalia Agafonova
Aly Hethcoat Eric Heuerman Justin Prembroke Nate Dias
Amanda Barber Erica Shook Karen Greer Nichole Aryanpur
Amanda Buschmann Erik Murray Katelyn Kelly Nicole Ortiz
Amanda McDermott Erin Hardy Kathy Frears Olga Kashtanova
Amanda McFee Esther Martosoetjipto Katherine Bostian Olga Matveeva
Amanda Peterson Fran Cajaraville Katie Buckley Pam Seales
Amanda Reulet Gaby Eyzaguirre Katie Gardner Patricia Chung
Amy Kuntz Gina Nakahara Katrice Hall Peggy Reimers
Amy Rogers Grace Finn Kelly Etlinger Philip Capasso III
Amy Trujillo Greg Kent Kevin Deissler Rebecca Bridges
Andrew McCormick Hermelinda Talley Kim White Rebecca Gerdes
Andrey Peshkov Holli Taylor Kimberly Lane Clark Rebecca Gorlin
Angela Gier Ian Chow-Miller Kristen Fulgenzio Rebecca McKeithen
Anna Johnson Ingrid Cruz Kristin Williams-Luthi Rita Thurston
Anne-Marie DiFranco Irina Stepkina Kristy Gilpin Robert Holcomb
Ashley Coffman Jacob Woolcock Laura Knapp Sam Yancey
Becky Schnekser Jameelah Wright Laurie Condon Sarah Phelps
Betsy Vela James McDaniel LeAnn Simmerman Scott Hatfield
Brandon Peaster Javier Aguilar Lindsay Foster Scott Hodges
Bronwen Bäume-Tarrant Jeff Bradbury Lisbon Brown Scott Reece
Bruce Nelson Jen Gilbert Maggie Cox Sean Arnold
Carol Munn Jennifer Kling Maksim Turushev Shaun Mitchell
Caroleann Del Juidice Jennifer Nicholson Maksim Vasiliev Shelby Lee
Chelsea Abreu Jennifer O'Sullivan Mandy Collins Sherri Taylor
Chris Campbell Jennifer Walker Margo Jantzi Stacy Dzbenski
Chris Colson Jenny Miles Maria Garcia Steve Springer
Chris Wilde Jessica Day Maria Zilberman Teresa Vera
Christine Zaremba Jessica Fitzpatrick Marilyn Williams Terry Price
Cissy Burns Jessica Gafford Marina Rybintseva Theresa Goeckner
Dan Thomas Jessica Heckman Mary Meadows Theresa Goltermann
Daniel Aktas Jessica Muller Mary Alice Hudson Tomika Altman-Lewis
Daniel Cruz Jim Byrne Maya Sklyarova Tonya Robbins
Danielle Nicholas Joe Moseley Melinda Caudill Travis Russell
Deborah McAllister Joe Slifka Melissa Dills Tzvi Hametz
Deborah Taylor Joe Williams Melissa Edmonds Valentina Lubimova
  Joey Tanaka Michael Jacobson Wendy Lizana



To learn more about the program, please visit: 

The LEGO Education Master Educator Program is currently only available in Australia, Russia, U.K. and USA.
Please keep following LEGO Education Community and our social media channels for the latest community news and updates.

Master Educators serve as volunteer ambassadors of LEGO Education.

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Welcome!! What an exciting time to be in Education!!
🤖Welcome to all the new and returning Master Educators! 🤖
🤩🎉 Welcome Master Educators! So excited to have you on our new LEGO Education Community platform so we can share your experiences and the amazing work you are doing with your students. 
So excited to get to know our new cohort! And welcome back Alum :).