2020 Year End Wrap-Up With LEGO® Education Master Educators 86

2020 Year End Wrap-Up With LEGO® Education Master Educators


We're closing out 2020 by asking some of our Master Educators about what it was like on the frontlines of education in the midst of a pandemic. This is your chance to hear about some the lessons they learned and the moments that kept them going!

2020 is nearly over, and as we turn the page, close the book, or maybe more appropriately slam the door on the past year we thought it was still worth reflecting. Teachers around the world have overcome incredible challenges and impossible circumstances to ensure that their students continued to have engaging and powerful learning experiences. That passion and dedication is worth celebrating so we reached out to some of our LEGO® Education Master Educators to help us with a year end wrap-up! It was definitely a year of innovation and ingenuity when it came to navigating the peaks and valleys of education during a pandemic. With that in mind, one of the first questions we asked was about what lessons these teachers would carry with them into 2021 and beyond, and as usual their insights were thoughtful and inspiring. See for yourself...

Next, we gave our Master Educator's the difficult task of describing the past year in three words. This was an especially tall-order when you're hoping to stay family friendly, but once again the Master Educators came through and we put together a word cloud to give you an idea of how they responded!

c612b772861d0847360e0b3696d97cb0-huge-woIt's been truly inspiring to hear stories from teachers around the world who are finding new and exciting ways to keep their students engaged in hands-on STEAM learning experiences. This is no small feat given the limitations posed by hybrid and remote learning. And we knew when we asked how their students were responding that they'd be more than happy to shine the spotlight on their kids! While their answers certainly reflected the diversity of their student populations, the clear thread uniting them was resiliency,

We believe that resiliency comes naturally with the confidence students develop when they're able to engage in learning through play. Our Master Educators were excited to share stories of the amazing work and dedication of their students throughout this very uncertain year.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of things they had to say about their students ability to adapt and thrive, despite having to overcome challenges in technology, distance, and resources.


The message here is a hopeful one. It's about more than math and science or textbooks and report cards, it's about compassion and recognizing the importance of school when it comes to students social emotional health and well-being. Master Educator Steve Springer summed it up in the video above, "For some of them school with all its imperfections is still the best thing they have going for them." The kind of empathy and commitment we've seen from teachers all over the world shows just how seriously they take that responsibility. While the return to normalcy will no doubt be gradual, it's exciting to think about how powerful it will be when our students and teachers are back in their classrooms carrying with them the experience of overcoming these challenges together.
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The year, 2020, was a challenge, and I'm late to the party. I found out and was honored to join this wonderful group of educators just before my daughter suddenly passed from an undetected tumor on May 27, 2020, so it has taken me a long time to respond and be more involved.  
Thank you all Master Educators & all amazing educators in the LEGO Education Community, please stay safe and Happy New Year! Looking forward to connecting in 2021. 😊🎆🎇
What an inspiring end to a challenging year. My thanks to Lego Education and to all my new Master Educator friends! 
Thanks Jim, happy to have you being part of the first cohort of UK Master Educators.
Es una situación muy triste ya que habíamos programado todo un curso lleno de sorpresas y retos para mis alumnos y al final debí ajustar todo y reaprender con ellos el trabajo a distancia, y para algunos se les ha hecho muy difícil tener que aprender a distancia, hoy sabemos que se pueden hacer las cosas pero debemos prepararnos mucho más.
y adecuar el aprendizaje para los chicos. 
Felicidades a todos  y que pronto estemos de nuevo en las aulas.
Hi Emanuel,
Thank you for sharing your experience, it has been a very challenging year, hope the remote learning was a good solution to keep the learning going.
Wishing you all the best for 2021. Like you said, hope all students can be back in their classrooms soon. 
Muchas gracias y feliz año nuevo.