SPIKE™ Prime Lesson Progressions

Below are Lesson Progressions for Grades 6-8, with each grade level featuring over 40 elements sequencing LEGO® Education lesson content with SPIKE™ App tutorial content and activity prompts to scaffold students' design thinking, science, and computer science skills. These lesson progressions are turnkey solutions your classes can use immediately, or you can layer them into your STEAM, science, or computer science instruction.

Note that the first row of Lesson Progressions are aligned to NGSS, CSTA, and CCSS standards; the second row contains similar content without the standards alignments. 

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J privat
Hi, how can files created being on the spike prime hub file system be copied/transferred to the PC/iPad? ...
J privat Category Getting Started Dec '23
J privat J privat Dec '23

I did not get any reply here but want to share my result:

1. The current spike hub3 des not support this anymore.

2. The ...

@J privat
For the past years LEGO is increasingly locking their robotic solution to whatever they designed as ...

Christian Deleon
Thank you for helping a first-timer. Questions: What does “Stage 3” mean? regarding Age levels/Grade levels Are ...
Bradley Dutchcot
I have 15 kits of the SPIKE Essentials and 15 kits of the SPIKE Prime kits. I am looking for some guidance on the best ...
Ryan Riess Ryan Riess Sep '23

Hi @Bradley Dutchcot !

I use the SPIKE Prime kits with my middle schoolers. I believe that the cords should be the ...

B Aurora  RZ  Valles
Eventos Comunitarios, talleres, actividades y recursos completamente en español para la comunidad Latín - ...
Jeanne Salchli
Can I use Lego Spike Essential lessons with the Lego Spike Prime kits? It seems to me that the Spike Essential ...
Jeanne Salchli Category Getting Started Jan '24
Roel van der Linden
Is there a possibility having the building instructions for both BricQ sets online? I think the booklets are ...

@Roel van der Linden

Found them when I had some spare time left over for a good search, for all others:

BricQ Prime - ...

Robert Cook
Including links to building instructions LEGOspike.pdf
Robert Cook Category Getting Started Oct '23

@Robert Cook

Pollyanna Cardoso
How to be an educator representing Lego in Brazil? How can I buy Lego more
JASON Rothenburger
My daughter and I are having trouble figuring out the block code for the condition on the safe to not have it open ...

@JASON Rothenburger my son and I also struggling but looks like no answers here. Did you work it out?

@cameron allen yes. You have to add in a sound in between each direction command for the rotation so that they act as a ...

@JASON Rothenburger :

@cameron allen yes. You have to add in a sound in between each direction command for the ...

Andrea Weedman
Hi, Has anyone developed a pretest or posttest to use with their Spike Prime Units? I'm needing to start one to show ...
Andrea Weedman Category Getting Started Nov '23